Message from Mike Robinson

We proudly work in partnership with Mates in Mind to address mental wellbeing in the workplace.

This free guidance, resources and e-learning provided by the British Safety Council and Mates in Mind has been developed to help employers provide the right support and ensure that your employees can work remotely without feeling isolated.

As we’ve seen in the last few weeks, the COVID-19 virus is having more than a physical impact on individuals and businesses. We are seeing many organisations taking action to move employees from the physical workplace to reduce the hazards from close contact. Many of the UK workforce who can are now working from home, and although this may be a physically safer environment, there are hidden risks that need to be considered.

Employees who are working from home for the first time will no doubt see the positivity. No need for the commute, improved use of time and productivity, and reduced exposure to the virus. So what’s the problem?

When the odd day becomes a week, then the weeks start lining up and as we already know, this virus could affect the way we work for some time. This change to the work environment, our usual day to day interaction with colleagues and management of staff becomes more virtual, making it more important to spot the signs of poor mental health. So, how should we help mitigate some potential mental health problems?

Well, to start with it’s important to recognise that everyone is different and their needs will differ. Connection and communication with our colleagues, especially in times of stress and anxiety is extremely important. By providing the support in small ways employers can help their employees cope with the current situation, reduce anxiety and stress, and keep them focused on their work.

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