Welcomed improvement of health & safety in Hong Kong

With fewer people being killed, injured or made ill by work in Hong Kong, the British Safety Council is pressing the message home that good health and safety is good business.

Alex Botha, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, is in Hong Kong to meet with members and press the safety message home. “Hong Kong has made significant strides in improving occupational safety and health, demonstrated by strong reductions in occupational injuries,” he said. “Since 2006, there has been a near 20% reduction in such injuries and Hong Kong is in a good position to make further improvements.”

“With an estimated 4% of global GDP lost due to health and safety failure, with over 2.3 million people senselessly killed each year, we know that key to delivering improvements is to convince leaders – both in business and politics – that there are economic as well as moral reasons to protect workers. Our recent report into the business benefits of health and safety shows that employers – and society more generally - gains so much from a healthy and safe workforce. Productivity is increased, wastage reduced, public reputation for delivery without the disruption of poorly managed risks is enhanced.”

“This is the message that I will be sharing with our members in Hong Kong – some of whom are in high hazard industries like construction and manufacturing – and is a message that should be better known and acted upon in all parts of the world.”

Business benefits of health and safety campaign
Good health and safety is good business, according to a British Safety Council report. The report brings together major evidence published in the UK and Europe showing the positive economic impact of reducing risks to the health and safety of workers. The report can be viewed here: https://www.britsafe.org/policy-and-opinion/research#bus_ben