Safety Deep Dives

A consultancy service that provides an in-depth analysis of the high-risk areas of a facility and provides a targeted check on the safety system's integrity and effectiveness.

What is it?

A comprehensive and thorough audit and consultancy service that evaluates and addresses potential high-risk areas and provides opportunities to improve and strengthen them in line with best practice.

What are some of the key questions it answers?

  • Is there a connection of enterprise risks related to safety with site safety risks?
  • Are the key safety risks on site understood, documented and reviewed?
  • Does the site have the appropriate safety competence and understanding to manage them?
  • Is management taking the right action to control and reduce the high risks?
  • Are the assets of the facility being appropriately managed against the corresponding process safety risks?


Areas covered

  • Permit to work
  • Confined space entry
  • Working at heights
  • Lifting operations
  • Molten metal operations
  • Driving safety
  • Incident investigation
  • Fire safety
  • Contractor safety management
  • Electrical safety and LOTO

How does it work?

On assessing and identifying the problem area, a thorough review is conducted that covers the following elements like the example below:

Example structure of “Incident investigation” deep dive:

Classification of Incident as per international nomenclature

  • Correct terminologies
  • Definitions
  • Illustrated examples
  • Industry specific

Deep Dive into existing investigation reports

  • Document review
  • Initial information report

Training Program on incident investigation

  • Forming an incident investigation team
  • Gathering investigation
  • Identifying immediate and root causes
  • Implementable recommendations
  • Standardised templates for sharing and learning

Interviewing skills

  • Approach
  • Questioning skills
  • Capturing the facts / documentation
  • Role Plays / Simulation

Reviewing previous incidents

  • Incorporate new learnings
  • Understand the difference between old and new
  • Apply learning on old incidents

Why choose the British Safety Council?

Our audit and consultancy services are internationally recognised and are the best way to ensure your health, safety and environmental management systems (and associated arrangements) are suitable for your business requirements, promote continual improvement and are effectively implemented.

As part of our own quality control processes, we ensure:

  • Our audit and consultancy products are regularly reviewed to meet customer needs, expectations and sector best practice
  • Consistently high standards of service are achieved through a robust quality assurance process including auditor standardisation, training and performance monitoring
  • Our technical specialists serve on strategic committees for occupational health, safety and environmental standards
  • We have a unique internationally recognised best practice (five star) audit process
  • Industry recognition from awards such as the prestigious Sword or Globe of Honour

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