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Here’s why you need customised health and safety training online courses

Written and published by the British Safety Council, India on 19 May 2020.

According to statistics, some 2.3 million people around the world succumb to work-related accidents or diseases every year. That comes down to around 6,000 deaths a day! Both organizations as well as individuals have a part to play in bringing these numbers down. One of the ways in which organizations can help is by implementing standardized safety management systems and providing workplace safety training to their employees. In fact, safety education—either in the form of online safety training or face-to-face training sessions—should ideally be an integral part of the employee onboarding process. Individuals can contribute to workplace safety by proactively participating in safety training so they can learn to safeguard themselves and their co-workers from work-related hazards.

In today’s digitised world, most businesses have employees scattered across the country or even the world. As a result, traditional face-to-face training is just not enough to meet the needs of a globalised business. Continued globalisation and the growing need to be flexible in the way we work have raised the need for safety e-learning courses. Online safety training courses are enabling individuals to learn about health and safety at their own convenience from anywhere in the world. Such courses are also proving beneficial for global businesses with scattered workforces by significantly cutting down their training costs.

The advantages of live online safety training

For those who don’t have the time to attend training in classrooms, online safety training is an attractive and flexible solution, as it offers the following benefits to learners:

Learn from anywhere

Managing time in a fast-paced business environment is a common challenge that many businesses and their employees face today. In such circumstances, both businesses and individuals find it hard to make time for dedicated safety training sessions. However, by availing online safety training, learners can now take safety lessons at a time and place that are most convenient for them.

Online training platforms such as the Live Online training by British Safety Council allow users to access training content from anywhere in the world. British Safety Council’s Live Online allows learners to become certified in subjects like Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Risk Assessment, and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health through its Live Online safety training..

Get ongoing learning support

Live online safety training courses enable you to get live support as you would get with classroom training. And you can interact with tutors and other learners throughout the training. Plus, online training courses can offer you round-the-clock support. Learners can get an answer to their questions whenever they want, along with expert feedback and guidance on overcoming specific problems. Also, unlike conference rooms where experts must pay attention to everyone present for the training, online instructors will have to focus only on a single person. This will help individuals to get in-depth knowledge and improved support for health and safety training.

Save training expenses

Live safety learning from professionals can cost a lot for businesses, and especially to large organizations that have branches all over the country or even the world. Travel and conference room costs can further add to the total training costs. With online safety training, large organizations can save expenses on safety trainers. They can implement a safety e-learning course, and every employee of the organization, no matter which branch they belong to, will be able to access the training. Hence with online safety training, large businesses can save on organizing frequent training sessions.

Individuals can save costs through online health and safety training as well. To begin with, they can save travel expenses. Plus, the charges for online courses are usually lower than for classroom courses, and can offer them greater value for their investment if they choose the right source.

The need for customised online safety training

Live online safety training has a lot of potential benefits, the biggest of them being the high degree of customisation that is possible. Since every organisation and every trainee is different from the other, there is a need for customisation in online safety training. Here are a few benefits that customised training sources offer:

Access to expert instructors

The instructors that conduct online safety training are the same as those that conduct classroom training. They have extensive experience in training safety professionals from different industries across the world, and are equipped with up-to-date health and safety knowledge. With live online safety training, learners can receive guidance and support from qualified and experienced tutors to help them understand health and safety concepts. Just like in a regular classroom, online classrooms also allow two-way interaction between tutors and students, which facilitates discussion and improves learning outcomes.

Personalised support and guidance

Live online safety training courses can help learners gain health and safety knowledge that is relevant applicable to their industries and organizations. Learners can get their industry-specific queries answered by the expert tutors and thus obtain practical value from the training. Safety leaders and managers taking these courses can apply the newly-learned health and safety management skills to solve problems in their organizations.

Customised study plans for employees

It can be challenging for working professionals to manage their work and safety training. Live online training courses offer customised study plans for employees. This helps them to manage their work and training efficiently, while effectively aligning the two with each other. Custom study plans are created in a way that enables individuals to learn in a way that is most convenient as well as effective for them and their learning goals.

Online health and safety courses are a great medium to build health and safety skills without spending a lot of time and resources. With British Safety Council’s Live Online safety training programs, working professionals and other individuals can leverage all the benefits mentioned above and receive globally-recognised certification upon completion. Contact us to book your seat for our Live Online training or to know more.