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Leading from the front: providing senior leaders with safety training online

Written and published by the British Safety Council, India on 4 May 2020.

Safety is an integral part of organizational performance and sustainability. The safety standards at a workplace define the core ethics and values of the organization. In addition to talking about safety in general, organizations need to ensure that they walk the talk, by meeting the required safety compliance standards. No employee would like to work in a place where their health is at risk. Additionally, if an organization is unprepared for hazardous situations, they won’t be able to contain their losses in case of an emergency, say a fire breakout. Thus, organizations can’t turn a blind eye towards safety no matter what.

And as a leader or senior authority, if you want to ensure that your organization maintains the highest safety standards, you have to lead from the front. The principles regarding safety should be passed from the top to the bottom of the organizational pyramid. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the senior leadership to be well aware of safety standards and procedures. They must, therefore, undertake a senior leadership safety training program to ensure that their employees can look up to a senior management team that has high safety morals and knowledge. Let’s get a detailed understanding of why a senior leadership safety training program is important.

Why is a senior leadership safety training program important?

Organizations are defined by their leaders. Their values and ethics reflect on their employees and the workplace culture. Similarly, when it comes to safety, the core values of the senior management and leaders reflect on the lower organizational employees. Thus, a senior leadership safety training program becomes an integral part of the organization to teach the same safety principles and ethics from the higher management to the low-rank employees. Senior leadership safety training helps leaders understand their roles and responsibilities regarding the safety of their employees. It can help leaders become more aware of the required safety standards and take the necessary steps to ensure that safety standards are met. Thus, the organization benefits overall from a senior leadership training program as it helps improve overall organizational safety practices.

But then the question arises -- if a senior leadership safety program can be implemented in the traditional way, so why go for an online program?

Why should you take senior leadership safety training online?

Leaders usually don’t have the time to physically attend lectures in classrooms as they are involved with managing business operations. In either case, an online training program is the best way for senior leaders to attend these programs from the comforts of their home. All they need is a laptop or a desktop computer, with an internet connection to attend these programs. So, now you might be wondering how an online safety training program works and if you should opt for it. We have all the answers covered in the following section.

How does an online safety training program work?

An online senior leadership safety training program works in the same manner as a traditional one. The online safety courses are taught by a professional instructor in the same way as they would in a classroom, the only difference being that students(senior organization leaders) attend these classes remotely. All they need is a personal computer and an internet connection to download the required resources that comprise the online safety courses. Although the communication medium might be different, online safety training programs function in the same way as traditional classrooms. You can attend a senior leadership safety training program from a reputed organization that ensures you are provided with the best training program and an industry-standard certification such as NEBOSH or IOSH, after completing the relevant training. Now let’s have a detailed look at the benefits you can expect to reap from an online safety training program.

What are the benefits of a safety training online program?

An online safety training program provides a plethora of benefits for you and your organization. Here’s a look at the key benefits of these programs.

  • Easily accessible: As mentioned above, online safety courses can be undertaken easily from anywhere in the world with the basic requirements of a personal computer and an internet connection. Thus, you can attend lectures from the best instructors in the industry, even if you reside in a different corner of the world.
  • Cost-effective: Online safety courses are generally cheaper than traditional ones. As it doesn’t require the need for the arrangement of classrooms and safety training materials, it proves to be a cost-effective option while maintaining the desired results. Another area in which an online training program helps cut costs is the creation of training records. Since the records are stored in a digital format, it forgoes the expenses incurred in the pen and paper approach.
  • Time-effective: Having a face-to-face training session can end up utilizing a lot of time. However, with online safety courses, the training can be completed quickly as leaders can schedule the classes according to their schedule and complete the course quickly by attending multiple sessions in a single day.
  • Helps satisfy safety regulations: When you take a safety training course, you are aware of all the steps required to be taken to ensure safety compliance at your workplace. Employees, too, will have a sense of assurance that their safety is being looked after, and this can improve the work environment. And, since you won’t miss out on safety standards in any area, you can even avoid the penalties and fines associated with non-compliance.

Online courses provide an interactive and engaging experience for senior leaders when it comes to safety training programs. They help to change the senior management’s outlook towards workplace safety. After undertaking a senior leadership safety training course, leaders will not only be inspired to improve the safety standards at the workplace but also will themselves inculcate the values of safety amongst every employee in an efficient manner.

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