Which British Safety Council course is right for you?

Written and published by the British Safety Council, India on 16 February 2021

As we know, safety hazards are prevalent in any workplace in several forms. As a result, there are plenty of diverse and nuanced technicalities involved in managing workers’ health and safety in an organisation. To educate individuals about such nuances, renowned bodies such as the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) provide globally recognised courses and certifications. We at British Safety Council offer courses of our own to train individuals to get these certifications. Based on your role in your organisation or in order to attain professional and highly credible health and safety qualifications, you can choose to enrol yourself in any of the following courses:

For administrative-level leaders

Our Senior Leaders Health and Safety Awareness Training is one of the best courses for top bosses who make long-term strategies for their organisations. These strategies go on to become company policies. These policies are then followed by all the other levels of employees in the organisation. The course is based on making such leaders acutely aware of their responsibilities while formulating long-term strategies. Generally, the decisions within company boardrooms are made with profit margins, production costs, overhead expenses, and other monetary aspects in mind. In such instances, worker health and safety at the workplace is usually overlooked. Executives must acknowledge the power their decisions have by using it to improve workers’ health and well-being during operational hours.

Moreover, this course intends to educate the high-level executives about the heavy fines and possibilities of imprisonment if certain standards of worker health, safety, and well-being, as well as environmental safety, are not complied with. The scenario-based course will make executives aware of their role in bringing a positive change to the appalling worker protection levels witnessed in the world today.

For health and safety specialists

For medical professionals and experts belonging to the safety department of organisations, the International Certification in Occupational Safety and Health promises to be a beneficial tool. The main purpose of this certification is to enlighten such experts about the international standards of health and safety for workplaces. The learners of this course will be trained and comprehensively evaluated with regards to the practical health, safety, and well-being standards accepted globally.

In addition to these learnings, the course can be the next career opportunity for such professionals to get into. Holders of this certificate can officially apply for the technical membership of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (Tech IOSH), the world’s largest health and safety membership organisation. Certified learners possess the option to seek the International Diploma (Grad IOSH) and after that, the prestigious chartered member status (CMIOSH). The curriculum in this course revolves around the principles of health and safety management for workers and the art and science of preventing hazards instinctively at the workplace.

For workplace safety assessment officers

As workplace operations everywhere diversify and become more and more complex with time, so do the possibilities of risks to workers’ health, safety, and well-being during their working hours. Safety assessment officers need to periodically scan such workplaces to identify the operational zones and elements which could cause injuries to the individuals working there. Courses provided by NEBOSH, as well as our own British Safety Council Certification in Risk Assessment can help health inspectors and supervisors to broaden their knowledge about the technicalities involved in ensuring a safe workplace for employees.

The British Safety Council offers this certification program in a traditional workplace format as well as an online safety course. Learners can attain useful information about conducting risk assessments in the correct way, the principles of statutory workplace safety, as well as ways to detect future workplace hazards for workers.

For managerial-level employees

Intermediate employees between administration-level leaders and operational-level workers can take the British Safety Council Certification in Supervising Staff Safely to attain invaluable insights about managing workplace operations in the most accident-free ways. The learners of this two-day course will receive a coveted qualification. This certification course consists of practical demonstrations and tests for supervisors, team leaders, and managers to identify and resolve potential workplace hazards for an organisation’s workers.

Accomplished tutors guide the learners in this course through practical role-playing and decision-making tasks. The assessment of the learners is carried out online at the end of the course. An examiner grades the learners according to their performance in the evaluations. Successful learners attain an accredited qualification. Through this course, we intend to inculcate knowledge about several aspects in learners, including:

  • Health and safety responsibilities of a manager/supervisor
  • Legal duties of employers and employees
  • Consequences of non-compliance with legal duties
  • Risk assessment and risk control
  • Reporting and investigating accidents and near misses
  • Ways of improving the health and safety practices and culture of an organisation

For learners seeking knowledge about the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Learners can attain this certification through our standard workplace program or as an online course. Workplaces contain several operational elements which can have adverse impacts on the workers’ health and well-being during their job hours. The British Safety Council Certification in COSHH Risk Assessment is an effective course for learners to know about the hazardous substances in a workplace and the efficient ways to handle them or at the very least mitigate their harmful effects.

This certification course enables learners to know about the importance of COSHH assessments, the globally accepted norms regarding the procurement, storage, and usage of classified harmful substances in any environment and the limits of exposure to such substances for workers. The successful completion of the course results in learners receiving our accredited qualification.

For persons seeking expertise in Display Screen Equipment (DSE) risk assessment

The British Safety Council Certification in DSE Risk Assessment can be taken in the traditional workplace format or digitally as an online safety course. This short course provides interested learners with an opportunity to gain clear information about worker health and safety risks posed by DSE at the workplace. The course helps the learners to attain the knowledge and experience to conduct DSE risk assessments in the organisation.

White-collar employees in most companies spend hours on end in front of computer screens for work purposes. The glare and radiations can result in long-term issues with the employees’ eyesight. The course will help learners to understand the importance of breaks that must be taken between stretches of workspace operations involving DSEs, among other best practices.

For individuals seeking knowledge about workplace fire safety norms

Workplace injuries and deaths due to fire-related accidents are worryingly frequent around the world. Safety teams, as well as individuals seeking expertise in fire prevention and mitigation measures for the workplace can opt for the British Safety Council Certification in Fire Risk Assessment. This course can be availed in the workplace format or as an online safety course.

The main content of this course involves details about:

  1. What is risk assessment?
  2. Why carry out a fire risk assessment
  3. Legal requirements
  4. Key terms
  5. The risk assessment process
  6. Factors affecting the level of risk
  7. Evaluating risks
  8. Applying hierarchy of controls

For learners seeking information about workplace risks involving manual handling

The British Safety Council Certification in Manual Handling Risk Assessment is a short course for learning the various hazards involved in the manual operations of items in the workplace. This course also provides the option of remote digital learning. This course teaches the learners about the importance of manual handling risk assessments, the principles of controlling risks from such handling and the undertaking of manual handling risk assessments in a workplace. Learners will receive an accredited qualification after passing an online assessment after the conclusion of the course.

For individuals seeking basic online safety training

The British Safety Council’s online office safety training can help learners understand the basics of statutory safety norms accepted globally for workplace health and safety of employees. In this course, individuals who are unaware of the simple safety procedures for workers (such as wearing proper protective gear before handling reactive chemicals in the operational zone) can learn about them.

Learners who wish to learn about behavioural workplace safety norms

This course offers enlightening insights about the types of actions and behaviour to be adopted in the workplace. At the same time, the course also draws a beeline around the kind of actions which must be avoided during workplace operations. The behavioural-based safety norms course is the most basic level of training that needs to be provided to individuals.

We at British Safety Council are committed towards enlightening individuals who are curious to learn the nitty-gritty of ensuring that employees in any organisation are healthy and safe. You can contact us to get detailed information about all our courses, as well as our occupational and environmental health and safety programs.