Workplace health and safety: Choosing the right online course

Written and published by the British Safety Council, India on 11 August 2020.

The pandemic-induced worldwide lockdown has popularised, among other things, online learning and certifications. Consequently, there has been an explosion in the number of online courses offered by different institutes and online training platforms. If you are serious about pursuing a career in health and safety, you should pick an online course purposefully to make the most of the time, money, and effort you invest in learning.

Hence, you should choose the online safety course that provides all the training and support you need to achieve your learning and career objectives. To select the best online safety course, it is important to understand the key factors for assessing online safety courses.

Key indicators of reliable online safety training course

Following are some of the key metrics of an ideal online safety course that differentiate them from the rest of the courses.

Certification from recognised institutions

Almost every online safety course provider promises certificates on completion of courses. But not all certifications are globally recognised. A certificate from a globally recognised institution lends credibility to your expertise and knowledge when you use it for career opportunities.

You should always choose online safety training providers who can help you get certificates from globally recognised institutions such as NEBOSH, IOSH, and IEMA. Certificates from these institutions will give you a competitive advantage, increase earning potential, and build professional credibility. Employers understand that acquiring certificates from these global institutions requires adequate knowledge and involves rigorous testing. Hence, they look for these certificates while vetting new hires. Also, these certificates provide you with global recognition, which means that no matter wherever you go across the world, these certificates will hold the same value as in the country where you achieved it.

An ideal online safety course will include a syllabus that helps you with the exams conducted by these globally recognised institutions. It will also provide you with comprehensive training materials and assignments with learning hacks and strategies to ensure that you achieve the certification you seek.

The ideal online safety course provides you with content that includes global best practices for health and safety so that you can always investigate and ensure maximum safety by adopting globally-established practices. This will help you get career opportunities wherever you want and not just in the country where you took the course.

Training from qualified professionals

You also need experts who can make it easier for you to understand even the most complex of safety concepts. A good online safety course will have professional and skilled trainers who can deliver the highest pass rates and ensure that you understand all the training content. These experts also help you prepare for examinations for globally recognised certificates. They can help you with pre and post-session assignments, revision strategies according to your learning pace, and examination-related guidance.

Expert tutors possess experience and knowledge of best practices to safety certificate examinations that helps them deliver the highest pass rates. These expert tutors also provide additional group session support to solve any doubts and conduct mock exams to ensure that all learners are on the same page and have all their doubts resolved before they appear for the examinations.

Ongoing tutor support

The work of online safety course providers does not end at uploading training materials and providing only a specific number of training hours as part of the course. Online safety courses by the best training providers offer ongoing support. They don't leave you in the middle; instead, they help you with 24x7 ongoing tutor support throughout the course duration. If you have any doubt regarding any part of the course, you can simply ask your question via an email or post it on their website forum. Thus, you will get quick responses for your queries from experts.

Online forums for such support gives you responses from multiple people using different methods of explaining. This helps you get answers to your queries explained in different ways, ensuring that you understand the concept. For instance, if you are not able to understand one answer, then you will always have the option to understand it from other people.

Student-centric customised study plans

Not all learners have the same understanding of concepts and learning speed or the same schedule. Online courses offer flexibility in learning schedules, which is a major benefit that individuals look for. But not all online safety courses are the same in this aspect. Many course providers set strict timelines for course completion. Although such courses provide access to training material from anywhere and at any time, they force students to learn and prepare within given timelines. But an ideal online safety course provides structured and easy-to-follow content that can be consumed at the learner’s time of convenience. Thus, these courses facilitate self-paced learning.

We at the British Safety Council provide various online safety courses that offer the aforementioned benefits and more. We partner with multiple globally-recognised health and safety institutions like NEBOSH and IOSH and help our learners to clear safety exams and get certified. We also provide a range of other online safety courses for workplace health and safety management. You can contact us to know more about our online safety courses.