About Safety Management magazine

For over 50 years Safety Management, the magazine of the British Safety Council, has kept abreast of the changing health and safety landscape by publishing quality news, accurate information, expert comment, relevant features and informative dialogue. The magazine has a circulation of 8,000 and a wide British and international readership, from directors and business leaders to health and safety professionals and politicians.

Safety Management is published 11 times a year and is approx. 50 pages. It covers important health and safety topics, from thought-provoking articles, news stories and expert opinion pieces, to case studies, events, products and services updates and all the latest on the British Safety Council research, campaigns and engagement activities. Core features and topical articles are researched and written by the British Safety Council’s policy and communications team and external authors.

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We welcome ideas for articles from potential authors. Please send a synopsis and contact details to:

E [email protected]

Stephen Cooke
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Deputy editor
Thomas Tevlin
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News and features
Belinda Liversedge
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Graphics and design
Dean Papadopoullos
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Safety Management editorial advisory panel
Laura Cameron; Shaun Davis; Adam Finkel; Ragnar Löfstedt; Sarah Page.


For enquiries regarding advertising, please contact Member Trade

Jas Singh
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