The best standing desk mats for 2019

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Find the right accessory for your stand-up desk, with these standing desk mats all tried and tested over a period of weeks in our offices at Hammersmith.

Using a stand-up desk might look strange, but sometimes standing out is worth it to reap the health benefits. Not only is the medical community fast lending support to the idea, with GPs recently trialing standing desk consultations, but it's becoming hard to ignore the research that's made the headlines this year on the dangers of prolonged sitting. Standing, the studies show, help prevent diabetes, heart disease, depression and obesity - so why aren't we all doing it and using a stand-up desk?

One reason could be that it's faintly alarming to consider standing up for hours on end, and many who try to do so give up because they find it uncomfortable. However, this need not be the case. My Varidesk allows me to easily put it up and down in seconds, so alternating sitting and standing is no problem. Also, I found out the hard way how important a mat is in all this.

After using my desk and the initial flush of enthusiasm waned, I realised my legs were heavy and ached after hours standing on a hard office floor. Using the right mat, however, gives a soft foundation to support the joints and make standing sustainable for several hours a day. 

These four desk mats I’ve reviewed are all available on Sit-stand.com.

Yo-Yo MAT Mini
Easy to move and store thanks to its size (56x46cm) and handle, it also offered some good support thanks to its medium-fi rm feel underfoot. Its portability means it’s easy to alternate sitting with standing, as often as you like. However, the smaller surface area means there’s less space to spread out. As movement is so key to back health, this could be a negative factor. Cost: £36.63 (Mat here)
Comfort rating: ♥♥♥

Yo-Yo MAT Medium
Made with a high-density core to ensure product longevity. Beveled edge design and no-curl edges reduce the trip hazard while the non-slip bottom keeps mat in place. A softer, bouncier mat than the mini version, this felt a real pleasure to use and enhanced wellbeing and productivity. Its larger size (77x50cm) also allows more room for varying posture. Cost: £53.94 (Mat here)
Comfort rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Yo-Yo MAT Medium

Imprint Deluxe Mat
Large mat (94cmx62cm) available in luxurious soft brown, black and ‘couture grey’ colours. Durable as well as stain and puncture resistant, it will last forever and look business-like in the office environment. Made with ‘stay fl at’ technology, it had less yield and began to cause fatigue after two hours. Cost: £84.94 (Mat here)
Comfort rating: ♥♥

Steppie is designed in Denmark. Its curved underside allows a natural seesaw motion which will gently work the hips and joints while you type or read. The balance point is easy to find and maintain if wanting to stay still. It does elevate the body more than normal mats, so go barefoot if you don’t want to tower. Use with a Steppie SoftTop, a cover featuring a bubbled surface, for reflexology benefits. Cost: £110.95 (Mat here)
Comfort rating: ♥♥♥

For more mats visit Sit-stand.com 


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