Chances of long Covid halved in the double jabbed, finds study

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The chances of contracting long Covid fall to half for those who are double jabbed, a new study from King's College has found.

It shows that in the minority of people who get Covid despite two jabs, the odds of developing symptoms lasting longer than four weeks are reduced by 50 per cent.

The team analysed data from more than two million people logging their symptoms, tests and vaccine status on the UK Zoe Covid Symptom Study app between 8 December 2020 and 4 July this year.

The study also showed that vaccination dramatically reduces the chance of infection. Only 86 of 17,958 individuals tested positive for Covid-19 after receiving two doses of the vaccine in the study.

After two jabs, the odds of developing symptoms lasting longer than four weeks are reduced by 50 per cent. Photograph: iStock

Individuals were also more likely to be completely asymptomatic after being double jabbed, especially if they were 60 years or older.

The young – more at risk from long Covid?

However, researchers also say that new daily cases among young people are rising rapidly and that young people are still the dominant group in the third wave for infections.

“As the numbers continue to rise in the younger generations, particularly school aged children, this means the number of children who will go on to experience long-term Covid symptoms will continue to grow,” write the Zoe symptom study researchers.

It comes as another new study finds that up to one in seven children who test positive for coronavirus could still have symptoms linked to the disease three months later.

University College London and Public Health England researchers, drew on survey responses from nearly 7,000 11- to 17-year-olds. The most common symptoms of long Covid in this age group included unusual tiredness and headaches.

The King's College study was published in the Lancet 
The UCL and PHE study is found in the British Medical Journal 



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