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    Pregnant but not protected

    Many Indian women are entitled to maternity leave and are protected from dismissal while taking it, but the rights do not extend to all workers, and regularly have to be fought for through the courts.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 07 February 2022

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    Menopausal women need better support at work

    If anyone was still in doubt, the #MenopauseRevolution is truly upon us.

    By Carolyn Harris MP on 14 December 2021

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    Why are Indian women being excluded from the workforce?

    Women in India face major disadvantages in getting and retaining decent quality jobs, but some of the country’s biggest companies are determined to change this.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 12 October 2021

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    Sexual harassment is rife in the UK healthcare sector

    Sexual harassment in healthcare has become ‘normalised’ and not enough is being done to address it. These are the bleak findings from a new survey of more than 2,000 nurses carried out by Nursing Times and UNISON.

    By Kim Sunley, UNISON on 16 August 2021

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    Remote work in India leads to rise in online sexual harassment

    Indian employers are being urged to educate their staff about acceptable online behaviour, following a surge of complaints about online sexual harassment during remote working.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 04 August 2021

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    Female workers: How can India protect them?

    A group of experts discuss what needs to be done to improve the health, safety and employment rights of women workers in India.

    By Gajal Gupta on 01 June 2021