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    Alcohol and the workplace – the hidden threat to employee wellbeing

    Starting conversations at work about the health risks posed by excessive alcohol consumption can bring benefits – not just for the wellbeing of employees but the organisation’s productivity and safety standards.

    By Jane Gardiner, Alcohol Change UK on 02 December 2022

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    How you can make your workplace a place of wellbeing

    A variety of practical steps can help support good mental health at work – from highlighting company financial benefits that could ease employees’ money worries to making reasonable adjustments to support people experiencing a mental health problem.

    By Andrew Berrie, Mind on 02 December 2022

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    Wellbeing at work: a strategic approach is key

    Research shows that investing in employee wellbeing brings financial benefits for a business, but it’s essential employers carefully plan and implement their wellbeing programme, rather than taking an ad-hoc or reactive approach to problems.

    By Marcus Herbert, British Safety Council on 02 December 2022

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    Five top wellbeing initiatives of 2022

    These five top examples of innovative wellbeing initiatives that we have seen this year show how thoughtful and creative we can be when it comes to wellbeing.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 02 December 2022

    CFTS Thorough Examination (4)

    Examine the examiner

    Materials handling equipment like forklifts must undergo a regular Thorough Examination to ensure its safety, but it’s vital to check the person carrying out the inspection has the necessary skills, knowledge and competence.

    By Geoff Martin, CFTS on 28 November 2022

    FLT Operator Training

    Forklift safety: combating complacency is key

    People operating or working near forklift trucks can quickly become complacent about the dangers they pose, making it essential that managers and supervisors know how to spot, communicate and rectify bad practice.

    By Stuart Taylor, Mentor FLT Training on 24 November 2022

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    How better use of driver data can cut risks and save lives

    New technologies, and the data generated by them, can make a big difference to cutting risks associated with drivers’ performance.

    By Nigel Lawrence, Applied Driving Techniques on 07 November 2022

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    Delhi’s dirty air: an ongoing problem

    Despite regular government interventions, every autumn Delhi experiences poor air quality, putting the health of its residents at great risk.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 08 November 2022

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    Sounding the alarm on suicide

    With the latest data showing there has been a sharp rise in suicides in India, employers are being urged to do more to reduce stress at work – and train managers to support employees who are struggling with their mental wellbeing.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 08 November 2022

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    Forklift safety: getting better by design

    Designers of electric forklift trucks are continuously innovating in a bid to make the equipment safer to operate.

    By Ben Haseley, Red Diamond Distribution on 01 November 2022