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    Mining in India is fraught with danger

    India’s mining industry has a poor health and safety record, despite many of the mines being owned by the union and state governments. However, trade unions warn that plans to privatise mines could further erode safety standards, putting workers’ lives at even greater risk.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 07 September 2021

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    Driving into danger

    Several thousand workers in India’s automotive parts factories suffer horrendous hand and finger injuries every year. Campaigners say it’s time the country’s biggest automotive companies do more to improve health and safety standards in their supply chain.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 07 September 2021

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    Don’t overlook diabetes

    Employers have a legal duty to manage risks to people’s health and safety arising from a worker suffering diabetes.

    By Andrew Litchfield, Gowling WLG law firm on 18 August 2021

    Industry 4 MED

    Industry 4.0 – a missed opportunity?

    New digital and wireless monitoring technology and software offers the chance to make workplaces much safer, but research shows many employers are slow to realise the benefits.

    By Andrew Bligh, Dräger Safety UK on 01 September 2021

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    Hybrid working: getting it right

    At Acas we see the future of work framed by three challenges: the need to ‘reopen’ workplaces safely; the need to ‘rebuild’ the economy using sustainable business models that focus on job quality as well as quantity; and the need to ‘re-imagine’ work by reflecting on our changed values and the lessons the pandemic has taught us.

    By Adrian Wakeling, Acas on 01 September 2021

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    Back to work

    If staff are fearful about returning to the workplace as Covid controls are eased, it is vital employers explain the precautions that are in place to keep them safe and consider making further changes to reduce the risk to specific individuals.

    By Julian Cox, BLM law firm on 17 August 2021

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    An evidence-based checklist for managing home workers

    A new checklist provides a quick reminder for managers on how to support the wellbeing and productivity of remote workers.

    By Professor Kevin Daniels and Dr Helen Fitzhugh on 12 August 2021

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    Industrial accidents kill hundreds in India during Covid-19

    Trade unions are calling for stronger oversight of major industrial plants after a spike in the number of fatal accidents, fires and dangerous gas leaks since the pandemic began.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 04 August 2021

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    Remote work in India leads to rise in online sexual harassment

    Indian employers are being urged to educate their staff about acceptable online behaviour, following a surge of complaints about online sexual harassment during remote working.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 04 August 2021

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    Here comes the sun

    Research shows that just one in four outdoor workers in the UK wear sun cream to protect themselves from UV radiation, so it’s vital employers do more to warn workers about the health risks from sun exposure.

    By SC Johnson Professional on 29 July 2021