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    ESG reporting: how software can help

    With businesses increasingly required to publish data on how well they are managing the environmental, social and reputational impacts of their activities, software systems are an efficient way of recording, analysing and reporting the necessary information.

    By Christine Adeline, SAI360 on 09 June 2022

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    Child labour in India: a long way to go

    Although India has stringent laws banning the employment of children and adolescents in harmful work, millions of children continue to be exploited and put at risk in dangerous jobs and industries.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 09 June 2022

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    Coal in India: shortage highlights the need for renewable energy

    Power cuts caused by a lack of coal at power stations have reignited concerns that India is not moving fast enough to expand sources of renewable energy and start reducing its contribution to climate change and air pollution.

    By Orchie Bandyopadhyay on 09 June 2022

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    Diabetes at work: time for action

    Diabetes poses a serious risk to the health of workers, and there may also be safety risks if a worker suffers a ‘hypo’ during a hazardous task like operating machinery.

    By Kate Walker, the Diabetes Safety Organisation on 05 June 2022

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    'The days of make it, sell it, throw it away, are gone'

    Mark Maslin is Professor of Earth System Science at University College London and author of How to Save Our Planet. He is also founder of Rezatec Ltd, which works with companies to offer AI ‘big data’ solutions to tackle environmental issues.

    By Professor Mark Maslin on 05 June 2022

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    ESG reporting: why it’s more important than ever

    With investors, customers and society increasingly expecting businesses to be able to prove they are acting in a way that protects the environment and people, accurate and credible ESG reporting is rapidly gaining in importance.

    By Dr Keith Whitehead CEnv, British Safety Council on 06 June 2022

    Clean Air Day Min

    Air pollution is the next business challenge

    Air pollution can and does negatively affect everyone’s health. But, it disproportionately impacts those who live in less affluent areas, broadening health inequalities across the UK.

    By Désirée Abrahams, Global Action Plan on 06 June 2022

    Louis Theroux 2 Min

    Safety Expo 2022: show report

    The Safety & Health Expo returned to London’s ExCeL centre last month after three years’ absence, and huge changes in the profession and health and safety landscape in that interim.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 27 May 2022

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    Grab their attention

    Health and safety practitioners need to adapt their communication methods to suit the audience, otherwise important messages risk getting lost.

    By Phil Pinnington, British Safety Council on 05 May 2022

    Domestic Violence MED Istock 157695064 Credit Angiephotos

    Why domestic abuse is a workplace safety issue

    Employers can play a vital role in supporting victims of domestic abuse, through steps like creating a culture where employees feel comfortable asking for help.

    By Lucy Horitz, Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse on 05 May 2022