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    Organisations must give enough attention to mental wellbeing at work

    By Hemant Sethi, British Safety Council on 29 January 2020

    Bush Fire At Captain Creek Central Queensland Australia

    Responding to a risky world

    2020 has started with some big risks high up in the news. From fires in Australia as a harbinger of the climate’s power, to violence in the Middle East and, closer to home, the risks involved in the UK leaving the EU, it is these large risks that tend to dominate our attention.

    By Mike Robinson, British Safety Council on 23 January 2020

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    Living with the unpredictable

    Looking back to this time last year, my review of 2018 focused on Brexit, economic anxiety from the high street to high profile bankruptcies, changing risks and a welcome upsurge of discussion about mental health in the workplace.

    By Mike Robinson on 27 November 2019

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    You can’t be safe if you’re not healthy

    The title of this comment, a statement from Professor Dame Carol Black, the government advisor on health and work, should be displayed prominently at every business.

    By Graham Sharp, Stanley on 07 January 2020

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    Building a safer future

    Greater leadership is required to improve the safety record of India's construction industry.

    By Hemant Sethi on 01 December 2019


    The right to clean air

    The next government must bring back a better environment bill and protect workers’ right to clean air.

    By Charles Pitt on 20 November 2019

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    Looking for the root cause: method and aim

    One of the common experiences of older safety practitioners is the frustrating sense of déjà vu when reading accident investigation reports.

    By Lawrence Waterman on 21 November 2019

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    Time for mental health

    If our desire to ‘turn back the hands of time’ is a forlorn hope, much of human history has been taken up by efforts to overcome time passing and things inevitably being forgotten.

    By Mike Robinson on 29 October 2019

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    Wellbeing should be a priority

    Indian businesses are beginning to invest in employee wellbeing programmes, but their efforts must be led by the senior management if they are to be effective.

    By Hemant Sethi on 22 October 2019

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    What does UK law say about dust control at work?

    Demolition, brick cutting, the use of cement, wood and stone working, drilling, exposure to paint and sanding down surfaces in preparation. These are just some of the many construction-related activities where dust is prevalent and where it needs to be controlled.

    By Louise Hosking, Hosking Associates on 07 October 2019