Course Guide - BSC Level 2 Award in Manual Handling Risk Assessment

An introduction on how to lead this course.


Please organise your travel to arrive at the course venue by 08:45 hours and register your attendance.
The course will start promptly at 09:00 hours and is scheduled to finish at 17:00 hours.

Please Note: Timings are subject to change at the discretion of the course tutor.

Course content

The Award in Manual Handling Risk Assessment teaches candidates how to carry out a risk assessment in line with the Health and Safety Executive initiative: Five Steps to Risk Assessment.

This leads to a Level 2 qualification. The qualification covers the following topics:

  • Reasons for conducting risk assessments.
  • Main legislation relating to risk assessment.
  • Techniques for collecting evidence.
  • Limitations of techniques for collecting evidence.
  • Identifying health and safety hazards.
  • Identifying who might be harmed and how.
  • Calculating an appropriate risk rating.
  • Factors affecting the likelihood of harm.
  • Factors affecting the severity of harm.
  • Identifying and evaluating existing control measures.
  • Proposing additional control measures.
  • Applying the hierarchy of controls.
  • Revising a risk rating.
  • Recording the findings of a risk assessment.
  • Making recommendations based on the findings.
  • Reviewing and revising a risk assessment.

Assessment information

Candidates book and pay for their assessment online via the British Safety Council website. They are then given access to the British Safety Council online qualifications system where the assessment task is completed.
The online assessment relates directly to your workplace and tests the application of knowledge and understanding in a practical context.

The maximum mark for the assessment is 18 and candidates are required to achieve 12 marks or more in order to gain the qualification. Results are reported as pass or fail.
The online assessment task is presented in English and candidates must respond in English.
There is no deadline for the submission of the assessment. Candidates have unlimited access to the online qualifications system so the assessment can be visited, edited and saved as many times as necessary until submitted for final marking.

Once submitted for final marking, the assessment is no longer available for editing.
Completed assessments are marked by independent examiners and candidates receive an e-mail inviting them to access the online system to view their results within 20 working days of the assessment submission date.
Certificates for successful candidates are issued by post within 10 working days.


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