Course Guide - BSC Level 2 Award in Principles of Fire Safety

This qualification is aimed at all employees and is particularly useful for those with a designated responsibility for fire safety in their work area, such as fire wardens. It is crucial because fire is one of the biggest risks in any work environment.


Please organise your travel to arrive at the course venue by 8.45am and register your attendance.
The course will start promptly at 9.00am and is scheduled to finish at 5.00pm.

Please note: Timings may be changed at the discretion of the course tutor.

Course content

The Level 2 Award in Principles of Fire Safety introduces learners to the risks associated with fire and the controls available. The qualification covers the following topics:

  • How fires are caused in the workplace
  • The components of the fire triangle
  • The hazards during and after a fire
  • The characteristics of fire and smoke spread
  • Methods used to identify and control fire hazards
  • Means of escape in relation to fire hazards
  • Methods of fire detection and raising the alarm
  • How fires are extinguished
  • How to use portable fire-fighting equipment safely
  • Common fixed fire-fighting systems
  • Duties of employers and employees in relation to fire safety
  • How to undertake a simple fire safety inspection in the workplace
  • The stages involved in a fire risk assessment
  • The role of fire wardens in the workplace
  • The content of fire safety training

Assessment information

The course concludes with a 30-question multiple-choice examination (45 minutes).
The examination will either be delivered on-screen (via PCs) or paper-based.

Candidate answers are marked by the British Safety Council.
Results and certificates are issued within two working days.
The pass mark is 20 out of 30.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate confirming the achievement of a Level 2 Award in Principles of Fire Safety
This is a nationally-recognised qualification accredited by Ofqual in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).


We hope that you enjoy the course and we wish you the best of luck with the examination.  If you have any queries or feedback please feel free to speak with your course tutor or contact our customer service team at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)20 8741 1231.