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22 June 2020 - Communication and training: the pillars of a safe work environment during and post-COVID

Effectively communicating with your employees, you can keep them well-informed about the COVID-19 pandemic.
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15 Jun 2020 - COVID-19 return to work guide: control measures to adopt for workplace safety

After months under lockdown, India is finally entering the “unlock” phase from the 8th of June. As per the government guidelines, businesses are permitted to open, albeit with a few restrictions.
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28 May 2020 - The need for BBS training in India

BBS program is a process in which management and workers work together to focus their attention on their and others’ daily safety behaviour.
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19 May 2020 - Here’s why you need customised health and safety training online courses

Online safety training courses are enabling individuals to learn about health and safety at their own convenience from anywhere in the world.
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4 May 2020 - Leading from the front: providing senior leaders with safety training online

Safety is an integral part of organizational performance and sustainability. The safety standards at a workplace define the core ethics and values of the organization.
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27 April 2020 - How to build a safety culture in the workplace

Creating a safety culture among your workforce is among the easiest and most sustainable ways to minimize the occurrence of hazardous incidents in your organization.
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14 April 2020 - Why present-day workplaces need NEBOSH-certified safety personnel

The key to building a successful and sustainable organization is getting the right people to perform the right functions. That means getting the people with the right set of skills and credentials for specific roles.
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6 April 2020 - Safety by Design: what it is and why it matters

Despite knowing the importance of worker health and safety, most businesses in India don’t take adequate measures to address workplace safety concerns.
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30 March 2020 - Responding to COVID-19: a guide for Indian employers

The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease, now known as COVID-19, a pandemic.
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