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Terms and Conditions as of 01/08/2023.

These Terms and Conditions relate to awards schemes and paid-for events that are organised by British Safety Council.


  1. In addition to the terms below, all awards schemes are subject to prevailing scheme rules that may be different year on year. These will be published on our website when the schemes are launched.
  2. Awards and associated applications are Site specific unless otherwise stated. The name of the Site must be specified at time of purchase or for Sword, Globe and Shield of Honour Awards must be the same name as that on their corresponding audit report and cannot be changed thereafter. Entrants must not use a Site name that seeks to imply greater achievement across an organisation, its subsidiaries or other companies, or operational activity.  British Safety Council reserves the right to enquire and rename Site applications where applicable to ensure the scope of the application is appropriately reflected.  If entrant does not agree they may withdraw the application at any time, no application Fees will be refundable. 

Application Purchase and Entry Submission

  1. All Awards must be purchased and/or submitted via the British Safety Council online system within the scheme published dates including any that are free to enter.
  2. Full payment of the application Fee must be received by the submission deadline for the application to be considered. Where by exception British Safety Council agree to accept the application, results will not be issued or publicised until payment has been received.
  3. All deadlines end on the date stated at 23:59 GMT.
  4. Any extensions to deadlines will be at the discretion of British Safety Council upon written application and will incur a late submission Fee of £150+VAT.
  5. Once purchased, the online licence will be assigned, application will be accessible and will be deemed Consumed with no right to Cancellation and no Termination Fees will be due even where You choose not to access or complete the application once purchased.
  6. British Safety Council will not provide copies of entries or responses; it is Your responsibility to take any copies of Your submission before completing Your submission.

Eligibility, Disclosure and Revocation

  1. Organisations with fatal accidents in the specified qualifying year at the applicant Site or any organisation or senior employee either investigated, convicted, found to be in breach, or served with an enforcement or prohibition notice or subject to an ongoing regulatory or other investigation in relation to a matter relating to or affecting any health, safety, wellbeing, public safety or environmental matters; are not eligible to enter for that year.
  2. Upon submission of application a declaration will be required to confirm that You or Your organisation meets the eligibility criteria and that all prevailing scheme rules have been fully met. The person making the declaration will be deemed to have the authority to do so on behalf of Your Organisation.
  3. In addition to 39.4 where British Safety Council, at any point in time, find any breach of the scheme rules or eligibility criteria has occurred the application will not be considered, any award given will be revoked at any point and a surrender of any certificate or trophy will be required.
  4. Any other issues affecting the Site or the organisation in the eligibility period that could affect the application or where an award could bring British Safety Council or the award scheme into disrepute must be disclosed in writing to [email protected] before submission or results issue or attendance at an awards’ event depending on when the matter comes to light. Issues may include but are not limited to major or multiple injuries or damage to the environment, any claims or association with human slavery or trafficking, a breach of the Equality Act or any occurrence which has brought Your organisation’s own brand into disrepute or adverse publicity for any matter.
  5. Non-disclosure of issues that later come to light may result in disqualification or revocation without appeal. 
  6. British Safety Council reserves the right to withhold any award or the publicity thereof where it deems it to be inappropriate at the time of the award, including where it may cause distress to the public.
  7. Reputational issues that come to light after presentation will be investigated to identify the appropriate course of action. This action could include disqualification, award revoked, reduced grade, award suspended pending official investigation or award retained. 

Application Completion, Assessment, Data and Verification

  1. Entries can only be assessed on information provided in the application in line with the relevant marking criteria. Performance in any previous years, other similar Sites or organisations, other awards schemes, audit outcomes or third party awards will be irrelevant for the purposes of scoring and result.
  2. Applicants agree to:

17.1. Fully complete all sections of the entry in line with the marking criteria where available, based on activity which took place during the specified qualifying period. 

17.2. Ensure that evidence, where requested / applicable, must be relevant, accurate and submitted in English or provided with a full translation;

17.3. Ensure that hyperlinks where provided must be accessible and relevant specific information to be considered, where it is not, adjudicators may not consider when scoring;

17.4. Co-operate fully with any verification calls and/or Site visits, where deemed necessary by the Adjudicators or British Safety Council, at Your expense. You may choose to withdraw Your application at any time but no refund will be due.

17.5. British Safety Council publishing details of shortlisted applicants, nominees, winners and in the event that British Safety Council must revoke an award on British Safety Council websites, publications, press and promotional activities;

17.6. British Safety Council contacting You about any associated events, publicity, Products or services in addition to contacting You in relation to all matters regarding the application and application process.

17.7. Cookies which allow us to deliver the online entry service. Without the use of cookies we are not able to provide the service. Therefore, by using this service You agree to our use of cookies;

17.8. British Safety Council will keep all information submitted in the application confidential and not share with any other third party except for those involved in independent adjudication, unless required by law or any enforcement authority to do so.

17.9. All the information including evidence documentation supplied to British Safety Council through the registration process and online awards system to be kept for a minimum period of five years;

17.10. British Safety Council will verify year and status of submission and outcome including revocation to any third party who enquires in writing. 

  1. British Safety Council reserves the right to alter any deadlines and event dates and/or venues. Any change will be notified as far in advance as possible to the named person purchasing the application. British Safety Council shall not be liable for any additional costs incurred by applicants, attendees and/or applicant company as a result of any such changes;
  2. All official and automated communication including results will be sent only to the named person purchasing the application and not the person completing the application or any other third party.


Appeals and Decisions

  1. Any appeals processes will be published at the launch of each scheme on British Safety Council website. Applicable Fees and deadlines will strictly apply.
  2. British Safety Council shall appoint an Independent Chief Adjudicator whose decision will be final.

Special, Sector and Regional Award Categories

  1. British Safety Council reserves the right to remove, merge and/or introduce additional categories and if necessary to re-allocate entries to a sector other than that selected. 
  2. British Safety Council reserves the right to make no award in any category where the adjudication panel considers that none of the entries received has demonstrated a sufficiently high standard. 
  3. Special and Sector Awards must achieve a minimum grade to be considered.
  4. For Sector, Special and Free to Enter Awards the Adjudication panel’s decision is final and there is no appeal process.

Purchase and Dispatch of Goods Including Trophies, Posters, Plaques and Certificates

  1. Full payment will be required prior to any item being ordered or dispatched.
  2. The person placing the order is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of any names and information required to personalise an award or certificate. Where You make an error in the Site name a new purchase will need to be made at the full prevailing rate.
  3. Once purchased these items will be dispatched to the name and address given at time of purchase or order. British Safety Council accept no liability for non-receipt of items where the information given is incorrect or incomplete, or the delivery provider is unable to deliver to the given location.
  4. The purchaser will be responsible for any local or customs charges and procedures.
  5. Once item is either personalised or dispatched no refunds will be given.


  1. British Safety Council will have no liability for expenses from moving event venue or date, where we determine that in the interests of health and safety, and/or the wellbeing of the public and/or in the public interest, it is necessary to cancel or postpone a presentation ceremony. British Safety Council shall not be in breach of these Terms or otherwise liable for any failure in the performance of such obligations or consequences of such a determination.

31.1. In the events specified above, British Safety Council shall notify as soon as is reasonably practicable and will update our website in the event of a force majeure event or of its decision to cancel or postpone.  British Safety Council liability is limited to the value of tickets paid and nothing for free invitations.

31.2. To the extent permitted by law, You and Your guests shall have no further claim whatsoever against British Safety Council in respect of the Cancellation of a presentation ceremony.

31.3. You are responsible for providing accurate and timely names and other information of attendees together with any access issues, disabilities and reasonable adjustment where required, dietary and any other requirements that British Safety Council should know about in order to make suitable provision.


  1. Awards attendees may be photographed and/or filmed during the award ceremonies. Ceremony imagery may potentially be used by British Safety Council for publicity purposes. Please refer to our Privacy Notice for further details at