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Independent adjudication   

The written applications are marked by an independent panel of adjudicators appointed, trained and monitored by the British Safety Council. The adjudicators are all senior level health, safety, environmental and wellbeing practitioners. A rigorous standardisation process ensures that each adjudicator applies the marking scheme in exactly the same way so that all applications are marked consistently to the same standard.    

The adjudicators will have access to applicants’ audit reports for reference purposes only. The adjudicators will not have been involved in the audit in any way and neither will they be able to influence any of its outcomes. As with all aspects of the awards, the content of the audit reports will also remain confidential.  

Application marking criteria and process   

Successful applications must score a minimum of 45 marks from the available 60 and a minimum of two individual responses must be scored within the top mark band (11-15 marks).  Submissions will automatically be graded a fail should any individual responses be scored within the lower mark band (0 - 5 marks). 

Furthermore, all applications initially scored within 10% of the pass threshold mark will automatically be subject to a re-mark by the Chief Adjudicator to verify the accuracy of the marking. Applications that are initially scored within 10% of the pass threshold mark by the Chief Adjudicator will be double-marked by another senior adjudicator to confirm the marking standard. The Chief Adjudicator’s decision remains final in respect of all marking. 

Please note the two optional questions for the Innovation and Development award will be marked separately by a panel. The grades for these questions will not be included in the overall score of the main application.  

Determination of results   

The pass threshold mark will be determined by the adjudicators and the British Safety Council through a formal results determination process. This process will account for the varying focus of each scheme and take into account a range of qualitative and quantitative indicators so as to ensure a year-on-year parity of standards.    
There is no quota. Awards will be made to all applications that reach the pass standard.   

The 2024 Chief Adjudicator’s Report will be published on our website when results are announced.