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Watch our bite-sized learning video we've created for 2018 Mental Health Awareness Week.

Why should you invest in mental health training?

  • To get people talking about mental health
  • To address the stigma associated with mental ill-health
  • To reduce the costs associated with mental ill-health.

Want to discuss how we can deliver mental health programmes for you? Ask us to call you back or find out more about our specific training below. 

Mental Health: Start the Conversation

Our 45-minute session has been developed for employees to get people thinking and talking about mental health.

Mental Health: Manage the Conversation

Our three-hour workshop has been developed for line managers to give them the skills and confidence to have conversations about mental health.

Stress Awareness

This 30-minute online Stress Awareness course will help employees identify, manage and reduce their own stress.

Resilience Training Course

Increase employee engagement with our unique online course built in partnership with 7Futures. Boosting the emotional and physical resilience of your employees is an essential part of any wellbeing strategy and is simple to address with our online Resilience course.

Managing Stress Within Your Team

Essential for every responsible manager, this course highlights some of the pressures their teams might face, helps managers become more aware of their own actions and behaviours, and most importantly it helps manage and reduce stress levels within their team.