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Study Behaviour Based Safety

The Behaviour Based Safety course helps learners recognise unsafe or at-risk behaviours as a frequent cause of both minor and serious injuries. Training helps establish safe behaviour allows employees to understand the benefits of safe practices. 

The aim of the behaviour-based approach is to reduce the occurrence of risky behaviour through observation, feedback, and positive interventions.

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Learning outcomes

By the end of the BBS course an employees learn about:

  • The definition of behaviour based safety
  • Self-assessment and introduction to the awareness of others' behaviour
  • Understanding how culture, experience and personality affect behaviour
  • Critical behaviours and barriers to safety
  • The basic principles of behaviour based safety
  • The benefits of a behaviour based safety process

The training sessions use audio visual, with practical session for skill building exercise and past case studies as lesson learnt.

Training benefits

This course will provide insight into current knowledge of human error and how it can be reduced. The course focuses on human errors related to undesired behaviours (habits), what causes these, and how to effectively remedy these.

Individuals will learn in general what leads to negative behaviour and how to prevent or correct these behaviours.

Learners' support

We aim at making sure all of our delegates attending our training to have the best possible chances to pass with a high score. If you have any questions about our course, please call us +91 85879 14964, or email [email protected].

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If you would like more information regarding the Behaviour based safety training course and ways to study, please request to be called back by one of our account managers.