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The behaviour-based approach aims to reduce the occurrence of risky behaviour through observation, feedback, and positive interventions. The eventual objective of any safety initiative is to achieve safety maturity. A team achieves safety maturity when individuals consider safety as a value and not just a priority and take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their co-workers.

British Safety Council’s Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) programme aims to support teams to build safety maturity at different organisational levels for holistic awareness and to prepare them for future implementation.

Our Approach

Phase 1: Need Analysis

We connect with partner clients and conduct a need analysis through discussions with senior leadership followed by focused group discussions with different representatives select by leadership.

We also work through the documentation of existing training processes, identify training needs at different levels, and evaluate the effectiveness of current training programmes.

Phase 2: Customising the training programme

Based on the current state of the partner organisation, we create a training programme. We build the programme to suit the needs of your team based on seniority, function, industry and subject matter expertise.

Phase 3: Programme delivery

The programme is agreed upon and delivery dates are scheduled. The journey's starting point is an industry-specific 1-day Senior Leadership training session.

This is followed by a 1-day training for functional and operational leaders. It can be customised to be an intensive 4-hour session for leaders as well.

We encourage partner organisations to build capabilities in-house to support continuous improvement. We offer a Train the trainer (TTT) version of this programme suited for safety champions who can deliver the programme.

Phase 4: Continuous learning and implementation

Our TTT training works with safety champions and observers to develop and deliver half-day awareness sessions. This can be applied widely across your organisation. This acts as a handover from British Safety Council and ensures the behavioural safety programme reaches the grassroots of your organisation.


Learning outcomes

By the end of the BBS course, employees learn about:

  • The definition, basic principles and benefits of behaviour based safety
  • Self-assessment and introduction to the awareness of others' behaviour
  • Understanding how culture, experience, skill, attitude, belief, risk perception and personality affect behaviour
  • Critical behaviours and barriers to them


Why study with the British Safety Council

  • We are one of the world’s leading health and safety organisations
  • We provide director level thought leadership on health and safety across India
  • Our tutors are experts in health and safety and are excellent teachers
  • No 'death by PowerPoint' – learning is student-centred and interactive

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