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Ian Travers, recently retired from HSE as Deputy Director of Chemicals Regulation, brings to the table an impressive career spanning over twenty-five years in the regulation of chemical and major hazard industries. Renowned as a world expert in process safety management, leadership, and the establishment of key performance indicators for major hazard industries, Ian's contributions have been acknowledged with the Institute of Chemical Engineers' Franklin Medal for outstanding achievement in Process Safety.


With a wealth of experience in investigating major incidents to uncover root causes, Ian offers a unique insight into how HSE, as a global leading safety regulator, verifies risk management systems in sectors such as chemicals, oils, gas, and other major hazard industries. His expertise lies in understanding how complex systems can fail and in efficiently managing risks. Ian is well-equipped to swiftly and reliably assess an organization's safety protocols, providing pragmatic solutions and training where needed. His in-depth knowledge allows him to ensure that safety is not just a theoretical concept but is genuinely under control on the ground.