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M Kamarajan, a stalwart in the realm of health, safety, and wellbeing, possesses an exceptional 43-year career that has firmly established him as a leader in India's safety landscape. He has held senior leadership roles in prestigious organisations, where he introduced transformative safety management systems, ensuring ISO compliance and setting industry standards. 

His dedication to training and development is evident in his NEBOSH and IOSH accreditations. With an impressive record of crafting and delivering over 100 impactful courses, he has significantly influenced the professional growth of numerous individuals, including aspiring safety professionals and engineers. 

M Kamarajan's expertise extends to various domains, including safety training, behavioral safety consultancy, senior leader development, risk management, incident investigation, and process safety management, impacting sectors ranging from construction and utilities to engineering, transportation, and automobiles. His academic qualifications, including a BE in Mechanical Engineering and diplomas in training, safety management, and occupational safety and health, further enrich his profound knowledge and credibility. 

With his illustrious background and unwavering commitment to nurturing a safety culture, M Kamarajan remains a prominent figure in the health, safety, and wellbeing arena, dedicated to empowering professionals and delivering exceptional training and consultancy services.